Play date

Plates filled with half eaten cookies, sweet like your kisses;  tea cups half full with your favourite type of tea, but now cold and bitter like your temper.

The sun has set and our play date is over, but I will still take a stroll over the white picket fence we built together and remind myself of the colour of your skin, that resembles the sun rise of a new day.

I will sit on my favourite swing and watch as yours, adjacent to mine, rustles gently in the wind and I will sing your favourite lullaby for when you search for something to help you sleep at night.

The sun has set and our play date is over, but I will still set a pot of your favourite type of tea and pretend that this is not goodbye but a permanent game of hide and seek.



8 thoughts on “Play date

  1. You have a really beautiful talent of painting pictures with words…I’ve been in the position you’ve been in (as I’m sure many have), it sucks, but all I know is that whatever had happened may not have been as clear as it may have looked…but regardless focus on yourself, and you’ll flourish.
    Wish you All the best Ms. Alaa

    (P.s keep up the good work, I hope to see more happy poems)



  2. You have a really beautiful talent for being able to paint pictures with clusters of descriptive words. I have been in the position you have (as I’m sure many have) but all I know is that whenever something like this happens, it usually is unclear why. All you can do is focus on yourself and you’ll flourish, and if in time you can ask the question why…do so, never keep it waiting, you may not know what exactly had happened and things could’ve just been a huge misunderstanding. Keep up the good work, and possibly more poems of happiness and content will permeate through.

    Wish you all the best Ms. Alaa.

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    1. Wow thank you so so so much, I will try extra hard to write some happy pieces for you. I tend to use alot of similies and metaphors or themes to paint a picture and I’m so glad someone picked up on that. Honestly this made my day! 💕💕💕💕


      1. Hey here’s a humble suggestion that i thought would make a nice addition to your collection of poetry….obviously its always your choice (and source of inspiration) that helps you decide what to base your following poems on…but how about doing like a 3 (or however many parts) series that takes your readers through a story but in the form of a poem…i thought that would be an awesome read…like leaving each at a cliffhanger.

        Just a thought, hope it helps…

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      2. Yes I love that idea!! Do you write any poetry or pieces by the way??
        A few of my earlier pieces are linked together but you’re not the link isn’t as obvious but it is a story
        Oppressive gentleman, Rose, Glass heart, Recovery and Garden is a series in that order 😉 what are some of your favourite pieces that I have written – thank you so much for your kind words and lovely feedback


  3. Unfortunately poetry isn’t my forte (although I wish it was, lol)…I used to write horror stories (not published or anything, just a hobby I developed further to my scholastic education…especially English literature)…I had noted a running theme through these pieces when I read them a while ago…but I was thinking of poetry in the sense of a “follow along” type of story…something where you can “tune in next time” (yes I know, cheesy line from most, if not all, anime programmes😅)…in response to your question of my favourite piece, it would probably be a tie between the metaphorical beauty of “darya”/ the innocent love in “secret garden” and the sense of freedom in “a garden” and “recovery”…tbh, I like the whole collection…just noticed you posted something else, so Brb😄

    Until later, bye.


    1. I’m honestly speechless you’re just great its glad to know someone appreciates and reads my work, i’ll be posting more often for you I will try to upload happy pieces but its not my forte unless i’m feeling very happy which is rare because theres always someone or something ruining my day LOL


  4. Tbf, you should post whatever you feel like posting right?…from a creative viewpoint, inspiration from emotions/circumstance express honesty/character and integrity in someone’s work…and hey good work is deserved of appreciation…I’ll “stay tuned”😄😉…


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